The value of Therapeutic Massage 

For centuries people have sought ways to relieve the pain and stress of everyday life. Hands-on massage for restoring and renewing both body and spirit is probably older than any other healing tradition. Throughout history, physicians and healers from all cultures have used massage to help their patients regain and maintain good health.

Today trained massage therapists work right alongside doctors as part of the health care team. Recently many new varieties of massage and bodywork have become available. But while the therapies may be different, each with its own theoretical or philosophical foundation, they do tend to share several common principles.

Most therapies aim to:

  • Increase circulation of boold and lymphatic fluids
  • Release built up toxins andmuscle tension
  • Restore healthy skeletal structure and function
  • Enhance the effectiveness of all bodily systems
  • Improve mind and body integration
  • Reduce Overall Stress
  • Boost energy levels

As you work to imagine your life responsibilities and the pressures that come with them...Or as you work to increase your physical fitness, athletic ability and overall good health...Remember that massage can play a role. Of course, you should also excercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep each night and allow yourseld some recreation and social time. But you can enhance these healthful practices by having regular or ocassional therapeutic massage performesd by a trained therapist.



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