Client Testimonies 


I have been getting myofascia release for almost a year now. It has improved my physical and mental well-being.  I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week.
I would never be able to keep up with this schedule if I didn't take care of myself. I do not consider this a luxury, but, necessary for my quality of life. 
I have several old injuries as I am sure we all do, and Joanie makes me feel like the tinman after he gets oiled.
The only "bad" thing I can say is, "WATCH OUT! "It is addictive and necessary for life!!!!
I have known Joanie for 16 years and not only is she the most wonderful, caring, kind friend, she is also one of the best Myo-Fascial Therapists in the area...She healed me of many aches and pains and released all the tension in my arms and shoulders that accumulated over the years from doing Therapeutic Massage...She is very knowledgeable regarding her profession and just being in her presence is healing as far as I am concerned.
She also worked for years in a health food store and is knowledgeable about herbs and other healing treatments and continues to learn on a daily basis...She is so dedicated to her field of expertise that I am amazed and happy that she has found her life's purpose. Lucky for all of us. Thank you Joanie!
Sally Lechich
Stockton, CA.
Hi Joanie
The myofascial release that Joanie McCulloch does for me has given me much more flexibility with my arms, legs, and neck.  This has enabled me to play better golf, and better racquetball.  I would recommend it for everyone.
Ray Rishwain
I was very stiff and sore when I went to see Ms. McCullogh for a myofascial release/massage session.  I have had chronic middle ear infections since childhood.  I had two sessions with her.  I actually felt energized by the sessions, and I haven't had a middle ear infection in the last 4 months since my myofascial session!!!  Melissa Holmes
I came to Joanie for massage primilary for back and shoulder and neck pain. My neck shoulder and back pain is now 80 to 90% better. Joanie energy is because she has God in her life.
I was a forcept baby and the forcept crushed my head though the birth canal. The results of that was I am legally blind I have dizziness TMJ pain and fibromyalgia  and grand mal seizures.
My sight is improving from Myofascial Release. My eyes sight was 20/845 and now it is 20/450. My dizziness is gone and my TMJ pain is almost gone, the fibromyalgia is getting better too. Joanie is teaching me about eating better too. Eating better helps. Thankyou Joanie
 Before coming to Joanie I had a numb pain down my right leg from my hip to my big toe. The pain was daily for well over a year! Joanie was a tremendous help. During treatment the pain would come and go. After several sessions the numbness is gone!! I had previously sought treatment through my chiropractor but to no avail. Thank you Joanie!!!!!!!

                                                                          Sincerely  Sue Blount


Through Myofacial Release, I have been able to get alot of relief for my asthma and migrain headaches.  I have suffered for more than 30 years with migrain headaches and have had asthma all of my life.  As I get older these seem to be worse in intensity but not as often in frequency.  Joanie is so patient and caring in her work, I get wonderful results.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Dee Ortega

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